Faculty Support Summer 2016

Faculty members can recommend students who may be good candidates for the fellowship, or propose ongoing research projects that would benefit from student participation. It's important to note that applications to become fellows should come directly from interested students. Faculty are also encouraged to write letters or recommendation for students. All McCullough Fellowships have a faculty mentor who advise student in the preparation of their application materials, and provide ongoing guidance and support over the course of the research project. Faculty members are expected to meet with students at least once every two weeks to monitor their progress.

Amy Lanou, PhD

Amy is advising Carolina Arias on her project "Strengthening the Roots: Strategies for Supporting Asheville’s Community Gardens."

Kathleen Lawlor, PhD

Kathleen is advising Karl Knight on his project "Connecting Farms and Food via Point of Sale Micro-Donations in Western North Carolina: Consumers’ Willingness-to-Pay for Conservation and Restaurants’ Role."

Doug Miller, PhD

Doug is advising Ethan Wright on his project "Restoration of Southern Appalachian Riparian Forests Affected by Eastern Hemlock Mortality."

Alison Ormsby

Alison is advising Julia Krebs-Moberg on her project "Investigating Best Practices to Develop a Curriculum for Community Resilience and Food Security.'

Graham Reynolds, PhD

Graham is advising Robert Chambliss on his project "Historical and Contemporary Elevational Range and Connectivity among Montane Populations of a Threatened Salamander: Implications for a Changing Climate."