McCullough Fellows Program

The McCullough Fellowship

The McCullough Fellows program at UNC Asheville was launched in the summer of 2015. Through this competitive program, undergraduates complete an applied research project in collaboration with a faculty advisor and local partner organization. Each fellowship includes funding for students, materials support, and a faculty and community partner stipend. The projects address one or more of the following areas: land use and conservation; urban planning; sustainable agriculture; resilience and environmental sustainability.


2024 Fellows

Ava Bjorkman-Tracy

Project: “Composting in Asheville: Assessing Current Practices and Exploring New Sustainable Solutions

Community Partner: Alex Miller, City of Asheville

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dee Eggers, Environmental Studies

Edwin Salas-Irene Barajas

Project: “Street-by-street: Mapping Urban Heat Islands in Asheville, NC”

Community Partner: GreenWorks
Faculty Advisor: Jackie Langille, Environmental Studies

Phoebe Carnes

Project: “ Population Genomic Analysis of the Oconaluftee Manitoban Elk (Cervus canadensis manitobensis) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Community Partner: Natrieifia Miller, Great Smokey Mountains National Park
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Graham Reynolds, Biology

Jane Jeffery

Project: “Elohi Dinigatiyi: Exploring Co-Land Management in Sustainable Communities Amongst the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Community Partner: Tommy Cabe, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Department of Natural Resources  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Trey Adcock, American Indian and Indigenous Studies

Kari Kvittem

Project: “Water quality monitoring on the French Broad: near real-time E. Coli estimators relative to turbidity, streamflow and season”

Community Partner: Anna Alsobrook, MountainTrue

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Gillette, Environmental Studies




Nicole Mooradian

Project: “Bird Community Responses to Eastern Hemlock Mortality in the Great Smoky Mountains  National Park

Community Partner: Clayton Gibb, Blue Ridge Audubon

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Laughlin, Environmental Studies